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    As people increasingly seek healthy and sustainable alternatives to big agri-business, GMO's, excessive shipping, pollution, wasteful packaging, and whatnot - CSA farms (Community Supported Agriculture) continue to grow more popular. 


  CSAs offer their members convenience, meaningful community connections, and farm-fresh healthy organic food.  The same cooperative and sustainable values that have created the CSA are now represented within the traditional landscaping and horticulture trades. 


   Arrowwood Gardens offers a sustainable community-supported model of garden-care and landscape management by propagating locally vulnerable, threatened, rare, and endangered species (as well as other species without legal designatons) from among its regular garden-maintenance worksites. This leads to competitive low costs of plant-material for clients and partners, as well as a greater proliferation of native plants to fill future gardens - including Community Gardens by way of plant donations. 


     Our design palette grows alongside our project roster as our network members take part in a broader effort to fortify our regional ecosystems well beyond our own gardens. Formerly disparate garden spaces void of biodiversity soon begin to form an ever-more interconnected tapestry of native habitats as ornamental garden-care clients become members of a growing preservation collective. This cooperative approach benefits network members and planet alike by:

   Preserving vulnerable, threatened, and endangered native plants by hedging multiple colonies of a given species against potential losses.


   Offsetting time, fuel, and carbon emmissions by growing and sourcing plant-material as locally as possible.

   Reducing the cost of plants for all clients and associates within the network.


   Collective Community Greening! Arrowwood multiplies the ecological contributions of members and their gardens by spreading the biodiversity from our yards out into the wider regional landscape in the form of plant donations to community gardens and elsewhere.  


   Increasing Biodiversity! We are proliferating locally-provenant plant species back into the region to strengthen our ecosystems against further declines in vulnerable populations of birds, bees, butterflies, other beneficial insects, and multitudes of native fauna and microfauna.  

   Creating Green Jobs! Arrowwood aims to expand and create more opportunities along the way for ecologists, gardeners, and designers to become Ecological Garden Designers. Client members naturally provide the training ground. 

Potential Clients, COMMUNITY GARDENERS seeking plant donations, and Experienced Gardeners interested in work opportunities, please contact us.

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